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Our Mission


The Inner Resources Project seeks to help individuals and communities identify internal support systems and resilience. Tapping into this inner strength allows one to maneuver the challenges of life and nourishes awareness, reflection, kindness and presence. By placing attention on the heart, we aim to give people tangible tools to be more present in their lives and with one another. Using mindfulness-based approaches to individual and community resiliency, we engage practical mindful awareness practices to assist others in cultivating their inner resources.


Our Intention: Motivation for Teaching Mindfulness


Here are the intentions that inspire our strategies and instructors:


  • Each individual holds innate knowledge and wisdom.
  • At the core of each human is resilience and capacity.
  • People are innately whole, beyond class, race, ethnicity, history and other attributes.
  • Silence, relaxation and personal reflection allow individuals to connect with their inner resources.
  • The action of each human is motivated by the universal desire to be happy.
  • People do not need to be changed; they need to be given a safe space to discover their own clarity.
  • Mindfulness, Yoga and other awareness-based practices that promote one’s humanity and internal wisdom should be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status.
  • Teaching each person about physical health, mental well-being and inner peace is advanced life education.



Our Motivation: The Positive Impact of Mindfulness


Inner Resources Project is teaching individuals how to work with their own minds and it’s proving to be effective. There is increasingly positive impact research to support mindfulness strategies as an effective way:


  • to foster a deeper relationship to one-self (self-acceptance, self-compassion)
  • to increase social connectivity and stronger relationships with others
  • to improve concentration and focus
  • to reduce anxiety and symptoms of stress
  • to increase positive psychological symptoms (compassion, empathy, kindness)



An Evolved Approach


We desire to bring mindfulness, as a vehicle for growth and transformation, to underserved communities. Our staff is diverse. We understand the importance of reflecting the people we serve. We spend time examining our cultural competence. We are willing to explore. Our work is steeped in the tradition of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). However, we use applicable life examples and relatable metaphors to bridge these practices to the life experience of those we serve. We understand this may be new. We encourage molding these life strategies so that it resonates with those we serve.