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My mind tells me that I won’t make it. No one’s mind should do that to them.
~Jordan, age 15


Who taught you how your mind works and the nature of thought?


Mindfulness for teens has a particular focus on identifying the function of the mind, the nature of thought and tools for choice in everyday life. In the Inner Resources Project we see the teenager, at this stage in life, needs concrete information on the purpose and function of the mind as well as ways to work with thoughts, strong emotions and external pressures. In our approach, mindfulness education for teens is supported by group sessions where students personally experience strategies to work with the mind: breathing exercises, focused concentration, mindful movement, reflection on thoughts, and the practice of silence.


Mindfulness is a different approach to learning which accesses an inner knowledge, not just the head and intellect.


Our approach to working with teens for their health and well-being is based on:


  • Acknowledging thoughts as thoughts, not always accurate perceptions
  • Identifying choice in life by slowing down and reflecting
  • Understanding and relating to strong emotions
  • Understanding that the mind needs exercise, nurturing and care just like the physical body
  • Cultivating self-acceptance and non-judgment


We are currently offering a MBSR for Teens Course: Getting in the Zone.  For more information about this 8-week course, please click here.