Blossom & Grow AfterSchool and Camp

Blossom and Grow Early Childhood and Extended Day Programming

The Blossom and Grow program is designed for children ages 3-10. Instructors with this program provide tools for self-discovery and discovery of self through the awareness-based practices of yoga, meditation, journaling and conflict resolution practices. Blossom and Grow offers an annual summer camp to explore nature, our bodies and our world though yoga, art and play!. By working on personal development and wholeness, participants will be more prepared to deal with the challenges of life and take time to enjoy and be playful. While including, aspects of all developmental youth outcomes, as established by the Partnerships for After School and Summer Education, Blossom and Grow most directly addresses Responsibility and Autonomy, Belonging and Membership and Self-Awareness and Spirituality.

We also offer limited community yoga-based community classes for children and families.  The next session starts June 11th.  Classes are session-based.  Pre-registration is requiredPlease click here for schedule.

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