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Year-Long Climate Change Strategy in Schools

The Inner Resources Project works in collaboration with school administrators, teachers and students in implementing a year-long climate change strategy to create a more beneficial learning environment. While teaching students direct mindfulness techniques can be extremely valuable, it is the application of mindful awareness in every part of the school day, and extendedly, in life that can have the greatest impact on people and communities.


When the tone, character, atmosphere and “feel” of a school are positive, that school becomes a place that students, staff, families, and community members want to be — and where teaching and learning can thrive.

                      -Baltimore City Schools website on positive school climate


Case Study: James McHenry Elementary/ Middle School

Core Themes of School Climate Change Strategy:

  • Embodiment: learning how to feel comfortable and relaxed in one’s body;
  • Focused attention: attention to sensory phenomena, such as one’s breath or sounds in the environment;
  • Heartfeltness: learning to feel one’s emotions and to regulate more difficult ones;
  • Interconnection: bringing compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude into one’s life.
  • Professional Development for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Seeking to create a more harmonious learning environment?
Searching for methods to encourage greater focus in your student population?

Host a Tools for Teachers workshop

Tools for Teachers are awareness-based techniques, such as breathing breaks, mindful movement and experiential activities that offer teachers tools for classroom transitions, pre- and post- testing and overall classroom management.All activities are designed for the classroom, require no extra space and take only 3- 10 minutes to produce positive results, shift the mood in the classroom, refresh students and re-introduce focus.


An Introduction to Tools for Teachers Workshop is a day-long professional training for teachers.Teachers will be encouraged to address their own health and well-being as a means of encouraging self-awareness and self-management in their students.Teachers engage hands-on skills for self and students. Pediatricians turn to meditation for kids in challenged neighborhoods


Tawanna consulted on this three-year project, created the curriculum and mentored the mindfulness teaching staff.


Doctors in Baltimore, Maryland are studying whether a form of meditation could help the city’s children cope better with stress, which they say has taken a toll on these kids, who are living in a city filled with violence, poverty and unrest.


Upcoming Workshops

Integrating Mindfulness to Build Resilience: A 2-day training with Kennedy Krieger Institute. Participants will learn methods to teach and share mindfulness in the continuum of trauma-informed care with clients and students and examine case studies where mindfulness has been the primary intervention. (13 CEUs)

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